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Top TikTok 2022 Music - Da Candyman by Wayne Dreadski

Recording artist Wayne Dreadski releases new song called Da Candyman. Wayne Dreadski, the Atlanta-based musician, is back with a new single, 'Da Candyman.' It's a tune that's had us captivated since it landed on our desk, and it's getting better with each playback. Wayne's approach is forward-thinking, and Recording Artist he experiments with his sounds, taking cues from some of the biggest names and merging them into an atmosphere that is all his own. His composition skills are outstanding, and his flavorful vocal performance keeps the ears engaged throughout. Furthermore, you will be hard-pressed to find anything else in the current chart. The music is energising, beginning with a guitar-driven intro before delving deep with a DnB beat and a massive refrain that is difficult to control.

Top TikTok 2022 Music - Da Candyman by Wayne Dreadski 53 Bytes
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